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Sarah-Jane Strachan

I am a palaeobiologist, part of the Vertebrate Palaeontology Research Group based at University College London (UCL) led by Paul Upchurch.  I specialise in palaeohistology, looking at the preserved biology inside fossilised bone, and am a member of the Bloomsbury Centre for Skeletal Research and the Bone Research Society.  

I have a passion for dinosaur bone histology.  My Master’s research thesis was ‘Histology of an Ankylosaur Pelvic Shield from the Lower Cretaceous, Isle of Wight’ and my doctoral research is on the phylogenetic signal and taxonomic utility of histological variables in sauropod bone.  I work in collaboration with the Steinmann Institute at Bonn University, UCL, and the Natural History Museum in London. 


Life reconstruction by Stuart Pond of an remarkably complete ankylosaur from the Lower Cretaceous, Isle of Wight (UK).  This specimen was the subject of my Master's research thesis.  

Prepping fossils found on a field trip to the Hateg Basin, Romania.  

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