Fun Palace! Everyone an Artist, Everyone a Scientist.

September 21, 2016

Trestle Theatre Company are hosting a "Fun Palace" Arts and Science event in St Albans on Sunday the 2nd October to celebrate some of Hertfordshire's finest female artists and scientists.  I shall be there as Mary Anning (perhaps taking a well earned rest from the seaside!) with fossils to handle and craft activities.  Although Mary didn't actually visit Hertfordshire she was of course an excellent scientific illustrator as well as fossil preparator and writer. 


"In the early 1960s, Joan Littlewood and architect Cedric Price conceived the Fun Palace as a ‘laboratory of fun’ and ‘a university of the streets’. It was to be a temporary and movable home to the arts and sciences, open and welcoming to all. For many reasons it wasn’t possible in 1961 and the Fun Palace never came to fruition as a building. The idea however, of a space welcoming and open to all, bringing arts and sciences together, where everyone is an artist and everyone a scientist, remained a GREAT idea. Fun Palaces is both an ongoing campaign for culture by, for and with all, and also an annual weekend of events, where arts and sciences are a vital catalyst for community engagement and full participation for everyone, form the grassroots up. Over the first weekends in October 2014 and October 2015 there were 280 Fun Palaces, made by 5262 Fun Palaces Makers, across 11 nations, with 90,000 people taking part. Fun Palaces are made by local people for their own communities, bringing together arts and sciences, free and fun, linked by the Fun Palace network – Everyone an Artist, Everyone a Scientist."

I've worked with Trestle on and off for over 25 years now, and am looking forward to a crazy, creative, science-y experience!

For more details about "Fun Palaces", check out



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